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Shoe cover dispensers QS-1, 2, 3


Automatic shoe cover dispensers are a patented novelty on the market. It’s a practical, economical and enviroment friendly product. It solves the problem of taking off the shoes or manual shoe cover application in a transition to a clean or sterile enviroment. The use is extremely easy. The shoe cover dispensers and shoe covers have the CE certificate for laboratory use compliance.

Using the shoe cover dispensers guarantees a clean, safe and healthy enviroment. The users/guests are also guaranteed a quick and comfortable entry into a clean enviroment, even in rainy, muddy or snow conditions in all times of season. The dispensers are used in hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories, other health institutions, food, chemical and pharmacautical industy, computer server rooms, real estates, hotels, health centres, offices… All the shoe cover dispensers are patented and are the most inovative with the best quality and cost / benefit ratio on the market.

Cost effectiveness
All the shoe cover dispensers work without any electricity, everything is mechanical and reliable without any maintanance. The QS-01 and QS-02 use the same materials and can be used in both dispensers. Compare our prices with any other solution on the market!

The reliability of the shoe cover dispensers is key. That is why all of the dispensers are thoroughly tested. All of them have a 99% success rate of correct shoe cover dispensing for all of the available materials. No other solution on the market can compete with that kind of results.

We are also aware that simplicity is an important factor. The shoe cover dispenser is refilled in mere seconds with a new bundle of 100 pcs of shoe covers, which are already packed for quick refilling.

All shoe cover dispensers are completely safe for the user, because no force is applied on the user .

The shoe cover dispensers have a modern design and are made from quality and robust materials.


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